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Seborrheic Dermatitis is a common inflammatory skin condition. Often called Seb Derm for short, the condition causes red patches covered with large, greasy, flaking, yellow scales, and persistent itch. In individuals with darker skin tones, affected areas may have no redness, and instead appear pink, slightly purple, or lighter in color than the surrounding skin.

While the exact causes of Seb Derm are not fully understood, evidence suggests individual risk factors, an overproduction of oil, and an increase in skin yeast as contributors to the condition. A skin yeast, Malassezia, that is present on everyone’s skin, may contribute to the immune response.

  • ~10M


    Seb Derm can affect anyone and may impact as many as 10 million Americans.

  • 7%

    Of African Americans

    Seb Derm is the 3rd most common skin condition for African Americans seen in a dermatology clinic.

  • 2X

    More Likely In Men

    Seb Derm is more common in men than women—as men may naturally produce more of the skin oils that lead to Seb Derm.

Raising Awareness of Seb Derm

There’s still lots to learn about Seb Derm, whether you're just finding out about the disease or have already done your research. Getting information isn’t always easy.

A 2022 online survey* of 300 adults living with Seb Derm found that:


had never heard of Seb Derm prior to the diagnosis 


mistook their symptoms for a different skin condition


wish they knew about the identifiable symptoms of Seb Derm

It’s time to address the lack of information, awareness, and recognition of Seb Derm and the impact it has on daily life.


How It May Affect You

The characteristic signs and symptoms of Seb Derm—scaling, redness, and itching—occur most often on the scalp, face (nose, eyebrows, ears), and chest. These areas of the body have a large density of sebaceous glands, which produce the skin oils that can be a factor in Seb Derm.

Scaling on Scalp

Flaking & Redness

Flaking on Darker Skin Tones

More Than Just Appearance

People don’t understand just how irritating Seb Derm really is. When the itching, flaking, and/or redness symptoms flare up, there’s no ignoring it. Seb Derm is on display for everyone to see, and it can feel like others see only your condition, instead of you as a person.

Seb Derm symptoms also affect emotional well-being, self-esteem, and day-to-day life, like the ability to sleep or do a job. It’s important your healthcare provider knows all the ways that Seb Derm is impacting your life.

A 2022 online survey* of 300 adults living with Seb Derm found that:


feel Seb Derm negatively impacts their quality of life


feel embarrassed when people comment on their Seb Derm


agree Seb Derm makes them feel depressed


feel anxious to interact with other people because of their Seb Derm

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Meet Christina

As someone living with Seb Derm, Christina is no stranger to the confusion and frustration that come with this condition and trying to find the correct diagnosis. She’s opening up about her experience to let others know they are not alone and that Seb Derm doesn’t have to get in the way of living your life.

Where It Affects You

Seb Derm may look different across body areas—and it can easily be confused with other types of skin conditions. In fact, in that same online survey* from 2022, 83% of people with Seb Derm don’t realize that the skin symptoms they have across the face, scalp, and body may all be due to the same condition—Seb Derm.

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When It's Time to Talk to a Dermatologist

Did you know that on average it takes individuals over 3 and a half years to seek medical help for Seb Derm (based on the same online survey* from 2022)? Seb Derm is a real medical condition that requires a diagnosis by a medical professional. A board-certified dermatologist can make a diagnosis by examining your skin and your scalp and help you find the right treatment plan. Hear more from a leading expert in Seb Derm.

Seb Derm Resources


For anyone diagnosed with Seb Derm, learning more about the condition and connecting with others who have it may be helpful. MyHealthTeam hosts an independent site called mySebDermteam that is specifically designed for individuals suffering from Seb Derm.

At mySebDermteam, you can:

  • Get helpful tips and articles
  • Watch inspiring videos
  • Check out resources

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*Survey was commissioned by Arcutis